5 Reasons to service your vehicle after every 3 months.

By regularly servicing your vehicle you are likely to see a lot of perks, including increased fuel-efficiency, better handling, improved braking and a smoother running engine . Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t ignore to service your vehicles after every three months :

1.To avoid Accidents

Thousands of accidents occur every year as a consequence of owners avoiding vehicle maintenance. While many of us choose to blame poor driving more often than not, many of these accidents happen due to faulty or timeworn brake systems, uneven or limited tire treads, worn out break liners, and air filter exhaust build ups just to name a few. Make sure that yourself, your pillion , your bike, and all the other vehicles around you are safe by scheduling regular service checks after every 3 months. A survey conducted by us say that only 2 out of 10 people service their two wheelers periodically.

2.For Better Performance & Mileage

If you are uncompromising with the high level of service you provide your vehicle, you can be sure that your vehicle will return the favour with being more dependable to get you where you need to go. If you pay a little more attention to a vehicle’s vital fluids, oils, and various parts, you can be sure to reduce the internal wear and tear. For instance- Getting your Engine Oil changed after every three months saves you lot of money on fuel as it increases the mileage and overall performance of the vehicle.

3. To avoid costly Repairs in Future

Following a regular maintenance schedule after every three months and spending a little money now on the basics will save you from costly repairs in the future. Regularly servicing your two wheelers decreases the potential of breakdowns and expensive repairs. You will save money in the long term. For Instance- Getting your chain lubed after every three months can increase the life of the chain and the engine both .

4. To Reduce Air Pollution

It’s no secret that vehicle emissions contribute directly to global pollution, but a vehicle that has been maintained consistently will produce lower amounts of dangerous fumes and fluids that can potentially be released into the air and reduce air pollution

5. To lower the chance of Roadside Break Down

There isn’t much in this world that is more discouraging than sitting stranded on the side of the road with your vehicle inoperable, especially if you have somewhere important to be or are in the middle of a road trip with your friends. Regular Maintenance ensures that you won’t get sidelined in the middle of nowhere, and keeps you from shelling out money for towing, rental cars, or even lodging that you otherwise weren’t planning to spend.

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