A bouquet of care and maintenance options for your bike

Do you love your bike just like the way you love your life?Are you looking forward to increase the performance and life of your two wheeler? Are you tired of going to the local garages and of haggling with the local mechanics? Do you want to treat your vehicle with genuine parts and oils?

Here we are to serve your bikes like never before at your doorstep at your convenience .At Razorcat we have come up with following different packages to source all your needs.Yes you here that right , we provide a one stop solution so that your vehicle don’t stop for a long time by offering the following packages with guaranteed cheapest price in the whole market with no hidden costs.

1.Total Service Package (Doorstep Service):

Price-500/- RS

In this package,we take care of cleaning,greasing, fitting of your entire vehicle including your clutch, brake, horn, lights, carburetor, etc. We also do air filter clean up and check the health of your battery. It’s a perfect package for people who want to get their bike serviced but don’t want have the time to find a good trust worthy workshop as we provide highly trained technicians with a mobile toolkit to fix your bike at your location itself. In case it is not in condition, to be fixed at the doorstep location we pick it up, fix it at our nearest Razorcat affiliated workshop and drop it back at your place.

2.Premium Package:

Price – 900/-

(Total Servicing + Engine Flush + Chain Lube )

This package includes everything which is included in the total service package and has two major additional benefits. Engine Flush which gives super deep cleansing to your engine and inurn increases the performance and life of the engine.Secondly we also clean the chain and use a high quality Chain Lube Spray specially designed to improve the life of the expensive chain of the vehicle.

3.Super Premium Package:

Price: 1800/-

(Total Servicing + Under Body Coating + Wiring Protection)

This package indeed includes Total Servicing and is absolutely amazing for the who love and provide special care to their vehicles. We have included Under Body Coating in the package , which prevents rusting of the under body parts of your vehicle including the stand,fork , etc. The most important feature of this package is Wiring Protection which ensures that you don’t get wiring issue or mouse bite wire cut issue for at least three years. You can make your two wheeler shine like moon by getting Teflon Coating done at a price of Rs.850/-.

Choose your package wisely and for assistance , just dial 8262970970 or go to our website www.razorcat.in

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