All you need to know about Teflon & Under Body Coating

What is Teflon coating?

In layman terms, have a look at non-stick pans/cookware in your kitchen, that’s Teflon coating for you! The pan doesn’t stick edibles to itself like a normal pan does and is less resistant to scratches. This is what Teflon coating is all about.

Teflon reduces friction, wear and tear on the surface it is applied on. Now that we have a basic know how on Teflon and its functioning, let us now see how it is applied on a motorcycle.

Benefits of Teflon Coating:

  • Protection from minor scratches and dents
  • Gloss and shine
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Corrosion protection

What is Under Body Coating ?

In Indian road conditions, our bike’s underbody is most prone to corrosion. Underbody coating provides long term protection from corrosion to bike’s underbody. It also protects parts like internal body panels, chassis,silencer and other inner cavities that are not physically accessible but are prone to corrosion. 

Benefits of Under Body Coating :

  • Prevents Rusting of Under body parts of the vehicle
  • Necessary for Indian Roads and weather
  • Prevents Damage to the engine

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