How to service your Two Wheeler like never before?

Are you tired of hunting trustworthy bike workshops? Do you want to save your time and efforts to find a workshop, handover your bike to them for a day or two and then again pick your bike? Do you want to save yourself from haggling with the local mechanics? Are you looking forward to treat your two wheelers with genuine parts and oils with a warranty

Here we are all loaded to serve your vehicles like never before. At Razorcat, we provide hassle free doorstep service at your convenience .To provide easy and a vow service to you , we have come up with following lucrative services: 

1.Doorstep Total Service : 

As soon as you call us or drop a query on our website , within just three hours a highly trained technician from our side comes at your doorstep with a mobile toolkit and services your bike then and there, right in front of your eyes in your parking lot. If any change of parts or oil is necessary, we call you to give you a rough estimate and after your approval, the technician does the needful. To source this process fast, we have developed a technician application. Also we collect all the payments online to avoid the challenges of cash transactions. 

Doctor Nidhi , a resident of Bandra , a person who invests her time in saving people’s life booked a doorstep service with us and got her bike serviced in her parking lot itself.

2. Pick & Drop Service : 

What if your vehicle is not in a condition to be fixed at your doorstep location ? In this scenario, our technician takes it to our nearest Razorcat Affiliated Workshop in your area, services the bike there and drops it back to you at your preferred location as per your convenience. This service is specially designed for the customers who are looking for major works like painting denting or major parts change or for the people who don’t want to get their vehicles serviced at their doorstep. This service also assures 100 percent perfect service as we choose the right person to do the right job regardless of the location challenge.

Mr. Atul a resident of Dombivli wanted to get his bike customised. To ensure that he gets the best of the customisation service , our rider picked the bike from Mr. Atul’s house , took it to Goregaon , got it customised by our customisation expert and delivered it back to him to his house.

      3. Roadside Assistance:  

In case of accidents or break down of the vehicle in the middle of the road while you were driving , you don’t have to worry at all, as we send a technician on priority basis from nearest Razorcat affiliated workshop and tow your bike to our Razorcat workshop, repair it there and deliver it back to your preffered location. To source this service faster to you than never before, we have appointed a team of riders to do the job who only take care of pick up and delivery service of the vehicles. In terms of small issues like starting problem, the technician fixes the vehicle on the street itself and you are ready to ride back home.

CA Rakesh , a resident of Kharghar met with an small accident while he was driving home from Vashi on Palm Beach Road . Mr. Rakesh didn’t get hurt much fortunately but his bike got severely damaged. Our riders reached at Mr. Rakesh’s location within 20 mins after we received a call from him, towed the vehicle to our workshop, got it repaired and delivered it back to his location the next day.

4. Service at Razorcat Affiliated Workshop:

If you are skeptic about our doorstep service or you don’t want to hand over your vehicle to our techinician or rider, you can always visit our nearest Razorcat Affiliated Worskhop to get your vehcile serviced or repaired. 

Inspector Karan didn’t trust us on our doorstep service and even denied pick and drop from our riders . We suggested him to visit our Razorcat Affiliated Workshop. After we sent him an invoice and a warranty card of the parts that we have changed in his vehicle, he bought an Annual Maintainance package from us.

We are here to serve all your vehicle needs. You are just a call away on 8262970970 from booking a express service with us or visit to our website 

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