Top 8 Hacks To Enhance The Mileage of Your Two Wheeler

Well, the prediction of fuel prices is totally out of a person’s hand but something which could be done for keeping our pockets easy is to follow some steps and take measures to keep a check on the mileage of the bike. These top 5 hacks can help you overcome the daily loss, which is not even known to most of the riders and can help you in improving the overall mileage of your bike.

1. Periodic Servicing of your Vehicle:

Regular basis maintenance and service of your bike will give you a healthy engine without causing any kind of loss to the engine. A good and healthy engine will give you improved and efficient mileage. On the other hand, a bad engine would give you poor mileage performance and even might harm your engine. To be on a safer side, get your bike serviced on a regular basis and enjoy its perk of increased mileage. Also, it is suggested to use the same oil which is suggested by the company to avoid any kinds of complications in the future We have also posted a blog post on importance of servicing your two wheelers periodically

2. Economy Driving Speed

The cruising speed is between 50 Kmph–60 Kmph, where the vehicle moves with perfect efficiency and performance. At this speed, you are neither over loading your bike, nor you’re under loading it while balancing the engine load it will obviously lead to fuel economy boast up.

3. Periodic Cleaning and Lubrication

Even after proper servicing, the chain of the bike needs cleaning and lubrication for proper functioning. If you leave in a dusty area, make sure to clean it at least once in two weeks for keeping your mileage at bay.

4. Appropriate Parking

Try avoiding parking your bike directly under the sun, as it is believed that it could lead to evaporation of your fuel even if at a minimum rate it could reduce your mileage. So, avoid parking it under the sun for longer than an hour and increase fuel efficiency.

5. Reduce the time of keeping the Engine Idle

While waiting for the traffic light signal to turn, you should shut down your engine as the bike is not moving but still, your fuel gets wasted, Similarly, during traffic jams keep in mind to close the engine and re-start it when the jam clears up.

6. Engine Retardation

Now, suppose that you’re driving at a speed of 45 Kmph. If you will slowly cut down the speed controller without holding onto the clutch, you will feel a little jerk slowing down your bike. This is called engine retardation. Using this as much as possible is going to boast up the fuel economy. But if you’re going to take sudden brakes, which will thwart the motion of the bike while consuming more than necessary fuel in the midst of brakes. However, in engine retardation, you don’t thwart the motion, but just use the energy the engine has to make a stop.

7. Periodically Changing Engine Oil

Old oil past due for a change is a recipe for developing oil sludge. This thick sludge can block key pathways of oil flow, limiting the oil’s ability to flow where key parts need it to be. These parts don’t get the lubrication they need. The sludge also insulates hot parts of the engine, which is a bad thing. Part of the function of oil is to draw heat after from engine parts. If they’re covered in sludge, they stay hotter longer and their life is reduced.So the basic answer to the question does oil change affect performance is pretty easy. Old oil will reduce engine performance, lower its horsepower, reduce its mileage

8. Checking Air Pressure of the Tyres

Most people are not aware that tyre pressure plays a huge role in the performance of your bike’s mileage. The better the tire pressure, the better your bike will run. But if you would ride under low tire pressures, then it would put load on your bike, and the higher the load, the more fuel your bike will eat-up. So, keep the optimal level of tyre pressure as recommended by the company for minimizing the fuel consumption and increased efficiency of your bike. And avoiding tyre rupture would save your bike from falling mileage.

If you don’t have time to take care of all the above tips and still want to save money by increasing the mileage of your vehicle. No Worries, we are here to take care of all your vehicle needs.

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